Tips To Effectively Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Workplace


Almost everyone knows about the illegality of sexual harassment in the workplace, yet few people know exactly what it means and what constitutes the vice. Employers have a huge role to play in the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. From a legal point of view, there are two types of sexual harassment, namely quid pro quo and hostile environment. The quid pro quo sexual harassment involves the making of some work benefit, and that means that the employee will suffer some negative consequences they fail to comply. This form of sexual misconduct happens typically from the supervisor directed at the subordinate.


The supervisor takes advantage of the subordinate because he or she is in a position to fire, demote, or offer promotion. As for the hostile environment sexual harassment, it occurs between the employees. This form of sexual harassment occurs when the employee feels offended or harassed by their colleagues and can come in the form of touching, inappropriate decor, offensive jokes, or intimidating behavior, among other behaviors that could be classified under sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is illegal and prohibited the same way gender-based discrimination is frowned upon. Here are helpful tips for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.


Employers have the responsibility of preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. If the employer fails to take reasonable steps when they learn about the occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace, then they can be held liable for that. The first thing that employers should do to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace is to communicate the anti-harassment policy, which includes anti-retaliation components. If you are an employer, you should get legal advice on how this policy works so that you can work to ensure that it is compliant with all the local, state, and federal laws. When the policy is complete, make sure that it is included a personnel handbook, and every member of staff should get a copy. Know more about laws at


The other effective EPLI Insurance tip of preventing sexual harassment in the workplace is to conduct training on sexual harassment and carry out retraining for all employees. For the company managers and supervisors, this kind of training should be conducted annually. Everyone within the company should understand behaviors that constitute sexual harassment and how they should proceed when it happens. The employees in management positions, which includes supervisors, should understand their role and obligation in maintaining zero tolerance to sexual harassment in the work environment.

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